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3 hours ago

One Percent Firefighter

We have the pleasure of introducing a new speaker and this one is a good one. Well, they are all good speakers so you are missing out if you don't attend this show.

Dr. Donnie Hutchinson is an author, speaker, university professor, business consultant, and executive coach who works with clients and individuals on self-care and work-life balance integration strategies to lead people into living a flourished life. Dr. Hutchinson teaches you the knowledge, then takes you step-by-step with execution strategies and tactics. Knowledge is powerful when joined with execution. His Self-Care Flourished Living model on work-life balance integration strategies was produced from his recent academic research. Dr. Donnie Hutchinson is also a co-author in a global university textbook that is published by Palgrave Macmillan in ten languages: Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace: Aligning Initiatives with Strategic Business Goals. You can order his chapter titled: Work-Life Balance in the Workplace by clicking here.

Dr. Donnie Hutchinson graduated from Manchester University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He competed successfully as a college football player. He served proudly his country during college and post-graduation by serving six years in the U.S. Army National Guard.

He began his career and work-life balance considerations with Xerox Corporation as a business development manager. Post Xerox, he served as president of three human resource companies and was president and COO of an Inc. 500-recognized business. During his tenure, he completed his MBA from the University of Phoenix while maintaining a balanced life focused on self-care. He recently received his Ph.D. and has furthered his research in self-care and work-life balance execution strategies.

Dr. Donnie Hutchinson is an active and proud father of four children and resides in Dayton, Ohio with his wife Marlene.


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6 months ago

One Percent Firefighter

If you’re not familiar with The Fire Asylum, you really need to be! They have an amazing documentary coming out in under 24 hours on Amazon. All proceeds are used to fund this critical training. Watch the preview! It’s can’t miss!!

Paranormal Quest
It's almost time! In a little over 24 hours, "The Fire Asylum: Committed" will be released on Amazon and will be available for download. This film follows 6 brave firefighters who put their lives on the line every single day to save their community. The training program they are put through forces them to look deep within themselves to find their own personal form of healing. Their stories are heartbreaking, riveting, and inspiring!
RELEASE DATE: Friday, January 18, 2019

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